What I Love About Mom Fill-In Journal

What I Love About Mom Fill-In Journal

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This Mother's Day, surprise your mom with this "What I Love About Mom" journal, and you don't have to spend a fortune. It contains page after page of clever fill-in-the-blank lines that will help you show your mom why she's the best.

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Need ideas to fill in?
Some additional pointers for making a perfect "What I Love About Mom" gift book:

1. If you're not a poet or even a good speller, don't worry! Just be detailed and authentic. This will be the best Mother's Day gift (or any regular gift!) she's ever received. .

2. Seemingly mediocre choices can be surprisingly effective. ("I love your nose").

3. Write your filler on another piece of paper first. It is much less stressful.

4. If you get stuck, cross out and rewrite the prompts to make them work for you.


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