The NoPhone Air


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This is a superb a superb phone that will relieve you of the desperate need to upgrade your phone and is lighter and thinner than you can imagine. It is hidden and in most cases I don't know where it is

Product Description
The NoPhone Air is invisible phone for people who use their phone too much. It feels like nothing is in your hand because it is nothing. When you open the NoPhone Air packaging, it looks like there is nothing inside. The NoPhone Air received front page coverage on the Wall Street Journal and worldwide praise across the tech industry for its groundbreaking invisible design.

Give Someone Who Loves Their Phone, a NoPhone Air.
The NoPhone Air makes the perfect gift for anyone who uses their phone too much. Do you have a son who never calls you? Give your son a NoPhone Air. Do you have a friend who won't stop texting his ex-girlfriend? NoPhone Air. Creepy uncle won't stop commenting on Facebook post? Give that Uncle two NoPhone Airs. Almost everyone knows at least 10 people who need a NoPhone Air and it is our mission to reduce that number to nothing.



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